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The one and only STRONGMAN and STRONGWOMEN Specific Training Facility on the East Coast. Northern Virginia’s ONLY Strongman and Strongwoman Training facility. We provide a vast array of strongman and strongwomen training classes, competitions, clinics and FUN. If you are in Washington DC Strongman/Strongwomen, Maryland Strongman/Strongwoman, or Northern Virginia Strongman/Strongwoman… THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!! Check out the reviews:

From newbie Shannon:
If you’re looking for a place to be encouraged, inspired, and supported – a place where people care about you – a place where you can do the impossible…than the Edge 2.0 is for you.
Four months ago, I deadlifted 300lbs.
A month ago, I loaded a stone series that ended with a 200+ lb stone (to a high platform) with a crowd of dozens cheering wildly for my success.
Today I pulled a truck. A big, heavy, multi axle moving truck. With my body.
I did it all surrounded by a group of supportive, caring coaches and fellow athletes who think nothing of taking time out of their training/schedule to help me. They push me to be better every day and they believe in me.

Whether you’re an old school strongman, housewife who has never lifted weights, former athlete, power lifter, or geeky uncoordinated nerd – this is the place for you. You will grow, improve, and have a marvelous time while you do. You owe it to yourself to come visit. Come alone, bring a friend – or a group. You’ll be glad you did.

Just contact Barry at with any questions!

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