Q.  How big do I have to be to participate in strongman?

A.  This is a true case where size doesn’t matter.  We have 105lbs women flipping 500lbs tires.  If you have any athletic background, or none at all, you have the ability to participate.  At the Edge 2.0 we have numerous tires of all weights and sizes.   We have a number of atlas stones and other loadable equipment.  Just see our Equipment page for all the details.

 Q.  How do I get into strongman?

A.  1.  Check your area for a local training “crew” we are spread out all over this world.  If you can find one close enough (even if it’s a couple hours away) it is worth the trip on a Saturday or Sunday to check it out.  Most Strongman groups are eager to help out the new guy.  2.  Call or email the crew and find out when they train.  Our Facebook page is a great resource for this.  3.  Go out and give it a try.

Q.  What should I do in the gym?

A.   1.  Dead lifts.  2.  Overhead presses.  3.  Squats.  These three movements are the training foundation for Strongman.  Start with these then add in some ancillary movements, cable work, dumbbell work plyometric, etc.  Check our Training page for more information.


Q.  What is the lifting apparel that I should get?

A.  1.  A powerlifting belt.  2. Rehband knee sleeves.  3.  Wrist wraps and straps.  4.  Rehband soft belt (back brace).

Q.  What equipment should I get?

A.  1. Log.  2.  Farmers handles.  3.  A stone mold.  4.  A yoke.

Q.  What is that “Gooey” stuff you put on your arms?

A.  This is called “tacky”.  It is used to help aid the grip on the atlas stones (especially the heavier ones).  There are different brands and different types for different kinds of weather.  Cold tack, warm weather tacky and now there is a new brand called “Spider Tacky” on the market which has a totally different make up than the typical pine resin based tacky.


Q.  Why do you put chalk on your stomach before a log or axle lift?

A.  The chalk helps keep the log or axle from sliding down when you are trying to clean or continental clean it.

Q.  When am I ready to enter a competition?

A.  If you can try a couple the events during training and can pretty much complete half of them…my advice is go for it.  The experience you gain in a contest is just as important as your regular strength and event training.  Plus, no expectations, no worries…have fun!!


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