375 lbs frame carry

520 lbs. Anchor Chain

40lbs giant circus dumbbells (2)

Hummer Tire Deadlift apparatus

car deadlift aparatus (side handle and front bar)

atlas stones from 76lbs to 530lbs

tires: 365, 400, 500, 700, 1000lbs

Yokes (2)

farmers carry handles (2)

400lbs IFSA Shield

265lbs Hussafell Stone

200lbs Hussafell Stone

8″ logs (2)

12″ logs (2)


Monster Dumbells


over 2000lbs of steel weights

assorted rubber bumper plates

Kegs empty, 160lbs, 200+

Conan’s Wheel

Viking Press


2″ axle bar

120lbs wooden log


  1. Barry
    28 July 11, 1:20pm

    what do you mean? ship? that is our equipment we have in your facility.

  2. 24 October 12, 12:25am

    […] to the equipment list on The Edge’s website, the gym has all the necessary devices used to train for strongman […]

  3. 22 November 13, 4:23pm

    […] remember starting CrossFit at NOVA and asking the owner what all the crazy stuff in the back of the gym was… and why the huge dudes mostly sat around in chairs drinking water […]