Strongman WOW-2 – Farmers Walk & Axle Press

Posted 13 Jan 2012 in WOW

Farmers – start off with a comfortable weight, doing picks only (lifting off the ground and standing for a few seconds).  Add more weight until you reach a weight that is near failure on your pick.  You should add weights so as to get about 5-7 sets of picks.   Once the “max” comfortable weight is determined, reduce it by 30% and begin 50-80 foot runs with them.  Include a turn if you are using 50’ as the distance.  Be sure to keep track of this weight for next time you do farmers.   Axle press – start with a very comfortable weight that you know you can clean and press easily.  Practice your continental clean with this weight. ...

Strongman WOW-1 – Training for a Contest

Posted 31 Dec 2011 in WOW

Events: Log for max, stone for max weight 705 standard barbell deadlift for reps Tire flip/sled drag 20m each Shield carry for max distance 360 farms 20m up and back   Sunday – Event training Farmers – warmup, 60% of contest weight 20m/20m, 80% of CW two runs of 20m, 90% CW 20m/20m Stone reps – warmup, 280 3 reps, 300 3 reps, 330 1 rep, 350 1 rep Sled drag/tire flip – 5 sets of tire flip 8 flips (20m   Monday – Stretch or Cardio 30-60 min   Tuesday – Gym work Rack Presses – warmup, 65% 1RM for 5 reps, 75% 5 reps, 85% 3 reps, 3 sets x singles x 90% 1RM Dumbbell presses 5-7...


Posted 22 Dec 2011 in WOW

New for 2012 We will be posting a “WOW” or Strongman Workout of the Week! Stay tuned for this great new addition to our website!