1.  Use of the facility

  • Everyone must sign a waiver.
  • Barry Von Perkins or an approved Edge 2.0 representative must be present during all training sessions.
  • Appropriate attire is required i.e. Edge 2.0 shirts encouraged, and sneakers/boots are to be worn (Unless you are Barry Von, then socks are allowed)
  • Members must be 18 years of age or older.


2.  Use of the equipment

  • To ensure your safety when using equipment.  Have someone spot you every time, no exceptions.
  • No slamming, throwing or “free-fall” dropping of equipment.
  • Deadlifts are to be performed on rubber stall mats.
  • Chalk and “Tacky” are both permitted and encouraged.  Use the designated tacky clean up area.
  • Leave the equipment and the facility as they were when you arrived.  Put all equipment back.


3.  Conduct

  • Do not interfere with Crossfit clients or their workouts.
  • Ask before using any Crossfit equipment.
  • No swearing or foul language unless it is directed at the Atlas Stones.
  • Make noise, grunt, yell, whatever it takes.  THIS IS STRONGMAN.


If any of these rules are broken, or if there is an incident of behavior deemed unbecoming or inappropriate, you will be immediately dismissed from the facility and barred from training with the Edge 2.0 crew in the future.

We have a no tolerance policy.

1 Comment

  1. Dave Hutchens
    07 October 11, 6:47pm

    I like a no tolerance policy, can’t stand people that act stupid in the gym. I see stupid enough, don’t want to workout beside it.