How to get started training strongman

Posted 15 Dec 2011 in Articles
We’ve had a real increased interest in our facility recently and wanted to pass along some general information on what it takes to get started training here at The Edge 2.0.

1.  Strongman Training is for everyone!  There are both men and women of every size, shape and ability that join us on Sundays.  Whether you are a first timer or professional competitor, we have something here for you to train!  See our “About” Page for more.

2.  We announce every training session or event on our “Facebook Page”  You can easily see what’s going on for the weekend there, as well as special events….like our “Ring in the New Year Strongman Style” Training Session…this is a fun day and a great way to come by and check out the facility before the evening’s festivities…If you are new to our facility, IT’s FREE!!!

3.  We currently offer both membership on a monthly basis and personal one on one training sessions.  Contact Barry directly for prices and times available: Barry’s Email

4.  There is nothing better than spending a day in the gym learning something new!  So get over to Facebook, “Like the Page” and check out what we’ve got going on for the week.

5.  Stay tuned for all the great things coming up in Strongman…The Edge 2.0 is leading the way!

We look forward to seeing you!



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