Here it is! Interview with Sue Metcalf Aussie Power

Posted 07 Sep 2012 in Articles

So…I got distinct pleasure of getting a little “sit down” with Sue Metcalf over the weekend to discuss, the sport of strongman, strongwomen and a little bit about her and her training.  I will say the first thing about her I found impressive…is yes…you know it….her hair…it’s good hair.  But if any of you know me…it was going to be either that or shoes.  The next immensely impressive characteristic I discovered, is her extreme passion and intensity for this sport we call “Strongman”.  She is overtly dedicated, determined and very driven…or other words, stubbornly persistant!! And won’t be pushed back! OK, so…lets see what we can get into…btw ..for those of you that don’t know, Australia is 14 hours ahead...

How to get started training strongman

Posted 15 Dec 2011 in Articles

We’ve had a real increased interest in our facility recently and wanted to pass along some general information on what it takes to get started training here at The Edge 2.0. 1.  Strongman Training is for everyone!  There are both men and women of every size, shape and ability that join us on Sundays.  Whether you are a first timer or professional competitor, we have something here for you to train!  See our “About” Page for more. 2.  We announce every training session or event on our “Facebook Page”  You can easily see what’s going on for the weekend there, as well as special events….like our “Ring in the New Year Strongman Style” Training Session…this is a fun day...

Using Strongman Exercises in Training

Posted 23 Jul 2011 in Articles

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Interview With Edge Founder Barry Perkins

Posted 03 Jun 2011 in Articles

An interview with the founder of The Edge, Barry Von Perkins.

Interview with Edge Strongman Gavin Westenburger

Posted 07 May 2011 in Articles

Gavin has done some feats of strength that most are doing that are 10 years older than him. He stands at 5-10 at 290 and he's every bit as strong as he looks and loves the challenge of strongman. He's one of my current writers and good friends and has contributed a lot of experience from his sport that has benefited others including myself. He has taught me what it means to "BELIEVE AND BECOME". So take a look inside of who BIG G is...his trek to be the WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN…

The Super-Secret, Secret to Becoming a Great Strength Athlete

Posted 30 Mar 2011 in Articles

In this article I will unveil the truly hidden secret to becoming a successful strength athlete. You will be in shock and awe of what I am about to uncover, as this secret has been closely guarded for centuries.

Gym Training For Atlas Stones

Posted 15 Mar 2011 in Articles

These articles will focus on lifting them big cement balls.