Strongman WOW-2 – Farmers Walk & Axle Press

Posted 13 Jan 2012 in WOW

Farmers – start off with a comfortable weight, doing picks only (lifting off the ground and standing for a few seconds).  Add more weight until you reach a weight that is near failure on your pick.  You should add weights so as to get about 5-7 sets of picks.


Once the “max” comfortable weight is determined, reduce it by 30% and begin 50-80 foot runs with them.  Include a turn if you are using 50’ as the distance.  Be sure to keep track of this weight for next time you do farmers.


Axle press – start with a very comfortable weight that you know you can clean and press easily.  Practice your continental clean with this weight.  Working about 5-7 sets …3-5 reps each set.  Sets 8 & 9 increase the weight by about 10% and do two reps two sets.

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