Barry’s Blind Betty-Photos now UP!

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We have posted over 250 great photos from our friend Danielle Vingelis! Barry’s Blind Betty – “A Strongman Show” Visit the full gallery here: Photos  

Interview with WSM finalist Stefán Sölvi Pétursson

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How to Train for The World’s Strongest Man   Interview with Stefán Sölvi Pétursson by: Barry Von Perkins.   BVP:  I’m with Stefán Sölvi Pétursson from the amazing …picturesque country of Iceland.  Home of some of the most prolific Strongmen in WSM history; Jón Páll Sigmarsson and Magnús Ver Magnússon just to name a couple.  I had the pleasure of meeting and competing with Stefán back in 2008 in Texas.  He’s very well known for both his playful fun attitude and competitive intensity.  I believe he even wore a cowboy hat for the deadlift at the contest in Texas…anyway..let’s get to it.  BVP: Hey Stefán ….what was your height and weight at the 2011 Worlds Strongest Man? SSP: I...

Special Photos Just In

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We are grateful to Strongman Fan Joel Shields for sharing these AMAZING Photos of the 2nd Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge Visit the full gallery here:  Flickr Arlington Strongman

2nd Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge – Results

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Results —  2nd Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge — Results (a North American Strongman © Gold Level National Qualifier and one of the most competitive contests that I’ve ever seen!) Detailed results, times and distances here:  CCSC2 See  all the News, Photos and Videos from the competition here! Special thanks again to all our Sponsors…and all the great help we received…we couldn’t have done it without each and every hand!!

2nd Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge Gets Amazing News Coverage

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Not only did the 2nd Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge go off without a hitch…it got some GREAT news coverage.  The Edge 2.0 was also interviewed by Channel 4 our local NBC affiliate!  Here are all the ways that the contest was covered:  NEWS

WSM 2011 Winner Brian Shaw Interview

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Congratulations to Brian Shaw, Winner of WSM 2011. Brian beat the best from around the world to clinch the title of World’s Strongest Man. Barry Von Perkins, The Edge 2.0 Strongman Training, caught up with Brian Shaw after his victory at WSM 2011 and he was kind enough to share a few words with us… BVP: Hi, I am sitting here with World’s Strongest Man competitor and 2011 World’s Strongest Man winner, Brian Shaw.  I first met Brian at the Liberty Classic Strongman Competition in Philadelphia in 2010.  He was quite impressive with his physical prowess, athletic ability and over all static strength. Let’s get right into the questions… So Brian, what was your height/weight at the World’s Strongest...

Strongman WOW-2 – Farmers Walk & Axle Press

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Farmers – start off with a comfortable weight, doing picks only (lifting off the ground and standing for a few seconds).  Add more weight until you reach a weight that is near failure on your pick.  You should add weights so as to get about 5-7 sets of picks.   Once the “max” comfortable weight is determined, reduce it by 30% and begin 50-80 foot runs with them.  Include a turn if you are using 50’ as the distance.  Be sure to keep track of this weight for next time you do farmers.   Axle press – start with a very comfortable weight that you know you can clean and press easily.  Practice your continental clean with this weight. ...

Strongman WOW-1 – Training for a Contest

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Events: Log for max, stone for max weight 705 standard barbell deadlift for reps Tire flip/sled drag 20m each Shield carry for max distance 360 farms 20m up and back   Sunday – Event training Farmers – warmup, 60% of contest weight 20m/20m, 80% of CW two runs of 20m, 90% CW 20m/20m Stone reps – warmup, 280 3 reps, 300 3 reps, 330 1 rep, 350 1 rep Sled drag/tire flip – 5 sets of tire flip 8 flips (20m   Monday – Stretch or Cardio 30-60 min   Tuesday – Gym work Rack Presses – warmup, 65% 1RM for 5 reps, 75% 5 reps, 85% 3 reps, 3 sets x singles x 90% 1RM Dumbbell presses 5-7...


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New for 2012 We will be posting a “WOW” or Strongman Workout of the Week! Stay tuned for this great new addition to our website!

How to get started training strongman

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We’ve had a real increased interest in our facility recently and wanted to pass along some general information on what it takes to get started training here at The Edge 2.0. 1.  Strongman Training is for everyone!  There are both men and women of every size, shape and ability that join us on Sundays.  Whether you are a first timer or professional competitor, we have something here for you to train!  See our “About” Page for more. 2.  We announce every training session or event on our “Facebook Page”  You can easily see what’s going on for the weekend there, as well as special events….like our “Ring in the New Year Strongman Style” Training Session…this is a fun day...

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