Critical Bench Interview-July Issue

Posted 27 Jul 2011 in Media

CB: Today we are here with strongman competitor Barry Von Perkins. Tell us about yourself.

BVP: I’m Barry Perkins. I’ve been in strongman since 2002. I’m 45 yrs old, and I have an amazing 15 year old daughter who sings, does Olympic lifts and flips some huge tires. (laughs) I’m 6-2, 295’ish, and I work as a construction estimator in Washington DC. I live and train in Reston Virginia.

CB: Barry, I heard you opened a new gym. What is it called and where is it?

BVP: The gym is called The Edge 2.0. It’s located in Reston/Herndon, Virginia. The address is 310 Victory Drive Herndon, Virginia at CrossFit Reston.

CB: If you’re in the Virginia area, make sure to check out Barry’s gym. Barry, how did you get started with this new gym?……

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