Barry Von Perkins Wins America’s Strongest Man Masters

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Barry Von Perkins with his second showing at the Olympia 2016 Wins Masters Division of America’s Strongest Man

Las Vegas NV – 2016 Olympia America’s strongest Man, Masters Winner Barry Von Perkins says it was his goal to make it back to the Olympia.  This after having 3 surgeries since his last appearance at the Olympia in 2014.  Started with Shoulder surgery in November of 2014 shortly after his trip to Vegas for Olympia 2014 and America’s strongest Man Masters.  Then knee surgery in June of 2015.  But the one surgery he didn’t see coming was open heart surgery in August of 2015

During his knees surgery they found an anomaly with his heart and pulled him out of the operating room prior to the beginning of his knee surgery.  Once he consulted with a cardiologist they went forward with the knee surgery but recommended Barry have a stress test and echo.

One week after his knee surgery he had testing done and found our he had a bad aortic valve.  Shortly there after they scheduled the open heart surgery and had a new bovine aortic valve installed.

13 months later, he came to Las Vegas and Won the Olympia …. “hard to think that I could’ve pulled this off when laying in the hospital recovery room 13 months ago…”

next on the schedule, knee replacement and Masters Championship 2018 … HA!”

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