The Edge 2.0 Strongman Training

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The one and only STRONGMAN and STRONGWOMEN Specific Training Facility on the East Coast. Northern Virginia’s ONLY Strongman and Strongwoman Training facility. We provide a vast array of strongman and strongwomen training classes, competitions, clinics and FUN. If you are in Washington DC Strongman/Strongwomen, Maryland Strongman/Strongwoman, or Northern Virginia Strongman/Strongwoman… THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!! Check out the reviews: From newbie Shannon: If you’re looking for a place to be encouraged, inspired, and supported – a place where people care about you – a place where you can do the impossible…than the Edge 2.0 is for you. Four months ago, I deadlifted 300lbs. A month ago, I loaded a stone series that ended with a 200+ lb stone (to a high...

MASS Weekend Classic Strongman Competition

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APRIL 27, 2019 Coming to Tyson’s Playground, April 27th….. Ladies Lift Here and The Edge 2.0 Bring you the M.A.S.S. Weekend Classic Strongman Competition. Once again the dynamic duo of Ladies Lift Here and The Edge 2.0 are teaming up to bring yet again an epic competition for women and men who wish to challenge themselves. Below are the details on the competition.  For questions please email Barry Von Perkins at CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION MASS WEEKEND CLASSIC STRONGMAN FACEBOOK PAGE This event is a Strongman Corporation Level 1 competition Early bird pricing is $60 entry fee for the first 15 people. $75 entry fee after. No refunds.  Membership Required:   Weight classes:  Heavy Weight Men (231.5# and...

Barry Von Perkins Wins America’s Strongest Man Masters

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  Barry Von Perkins with his second showing at the Olympia 2016 Wins Masters Division of America’s Strongest Man Las Vegas NV – 2016 Olympia America’s strongest Man, Masters Winner Barry Von Perkins says it was his goal to make it back to the Olympia.  This after having 3 surgeries since his last appearance at the Olympia in 2014.  Started with Shoulder surgery in November of 2014 shortly after his trip to Vegas for Olympia 2014 and America’s strongest Man Masters.  Then knee surgery in June of 2015.  But the one surgery he didn’t see coming was open heart surgery in August of 2015 During his knees surgery they found an anomaly with his heart and pulled him out...

The Edge 2.0 Truck Pull Clinic December 2nd 2017

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The Edge 2.0 Truck Pull Clinic December 2nd 2017 Everyone has asked for it ! … SO HERE IT IS!! Saturday, December 2nd 2017 The Edge 2.0 Presents it’s TRUCK PULL CLINIC!! All in preparation for the up coming 2017 Strongman Games and just so you can learn the proper way to pull a truck…. Spend the day learning how to CORRECTLY pull trucks, with REAL TRUCKS! Both Harness, rope assist pulls as well as arm over arm. This will be a 2-3 hour clinic showing proper equipment, warm ups and specific techniques for doing “the truck pull”. You will learn from some of the best truck pullers around. Bring a beverage, some eats, and a harness if you have one… no worries...

2016 In Review …. A Great Year for The Edge and it’s Athletes

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2016 has been a pretty productive year for The Edge and some of it’s athletes… We had a few athletes go to Strongman Corporation‘s Nationals, two of which (Sarah Cogswell and Diondra Fryer) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. AND are now training for World’s Amatures to be held at Arnolds Sports Festival 2017. Our fearless leader.. the old man himself, Barry Von Perkins, Won America’s Strongest man 50+ at The Olympia in Vegas, after taking time off for over 18 months to have… knee surgery, shoulder surgery and open heart surgery. Barry Von Perkins Wins America’s Strongest Man Masters at the 2016 Olympia See you at the Arnold 2017! Here’s to another great year!  

5th Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challeng June 6 2015

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And HERE IT COMES!!!   I told you something was coming…something BIG!! … The 5th Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge… and this year..will be bigger and better than before!! YEH!! I know… you say HOW CAN it be BETTER!! Trust me… it WILL!! This will be a NAS Level 2 competition…. SO…mark your calendar, buy your tickets… (not for my gun show)… but for your plane… Find the Greyhound…hop the AmTrak… and get your arse to The Edge !!! DATE: June 6th, 2015 Tysons Corner Virginia! EVENTS: Log Press for Reps (c&p each rep) Hussafel for distance Farmers/Tire Flip (HEAVY Farmers, 50’, 5 flips) Axle Deadlift for reps (straps allowed, conventional height) And of course the BVP standard… 5 Stone...

4th Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge May 3, 2014

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Get Yourself ready!! It’s coming! 4th Annual Capital Classic 11:00am May 3rd 2014 at Crossfit Rubicon (home of The Edge 2.0) …. mark your calendars! Introducing the ShedLift and Car Carry!!  We have over 60 athletes, Men and Women competing to be the Nation’s Capital Strongest !!  From Novice to Experienced… from 115lbs to 370lbs athletes… it promises to be the best ever Cap Classic!! exciting new events (Car Walk) and great sponsors. come out and be witness to some amazing show of will and determination!!  SEE YOU THERE! 4th Annual Capital Classic entry

3rd Annual Capital Classic Photos!!

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We have posted over 250 great photos from our friend Danielle Vingelis! 3rd Annual Capital Classic Strongman Challenge May 18, 2013 Visit the full gallery here: Photos


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3RD ANNUAL CAPITAL CLASSIC STRONGMAN CHALLENGE   May 18, 2013  National Strongman Society, The Edge 2.0 and NOVA Strength and Conditioning bring you The 3rd Annual Capital Classic a Gold Level NAS show.  See some of the strongest beasts on the east coast …men and women battle it out for the title of The Nations Capital’s Strongest Man/Woman!  Click on EVENTS tab for more INFORMATION  

Here it is! Interview with Sue Metcalf Aussie Power

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So…I got distinct pleasure of getting a little “sit down” with Sue Metcalf over the weekend to discuss, the sport of strongman, strongwomen and a little bit about her and her training.  I will say the first thing about her I found impressive…is yes…you know it….her hair…it’s good hair.  But if any of you know me…it was going to be either that or shoes.  The next immensely impressive characteristic I discovered, is her extreme passion and intensity for this sport we call “Strongman”.  She is overtly dedicated, determined and very driven…or other words, stubbornly persistant!! And won’t be pushed back! OK, so…lets see what we can get into…btw ..for those of you that don’t know, Australia is 14 hours ahead...

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